Aceso (Rachel Cole)was born to Marcus and Alena Cole in the city of Seattle. Her father was a Doctor working for a local Corp and her mother was a low level city bureaucrat (Quality, SINner). Her mother was killed in the Night of Rage and she was raised by her father. He was a good doctor but grief and stress drove him to BTL addiction and he eventually lost his job. Luckly for Aceso he was not so far gone that he forgot her, he had enough money invested to put here through collage where she also became a medical doctor.

Her father supported himself as a Street Doc but as Aceso graduated from college his addiction spiraled downward. To try and help him Aceso came to help him with his business. Over time she took over the operation and made good Nguyen at it. She was able to augment herself and upgrade her equipment to make her a go to Doc. She also picked up some street skills as she learned to survive I the business.

Aceso’s father was no mere Street Doc – he had the opportunity / fortune / luck, maybe to be the street doc who saved Turbo Bunny’s life after a catastrophically failed run in the early 60s. As a result, Marcus Cole’s (aka Doc Sunday) street cred went through the roof. Everyone in Seattle knew or knew of Doc Sunday and how he’d brought ’Bunny back from the brink.

Aceso’s first ventures into the shadows were a result of the mega contacts her father began associating with after the fact. One of her first bloody “runs” was delivering medical supplies into the Containment Zone with ’Bunny herself.

A far cry from “riding the coattails” of her father, Aceso has made a significant name for herself over the last few year, including a frequent and continuing use of the Ork Underground to move medical to move much needed medical supplies about the country – without corporate overwatch (and insane medical taxes) preventing them from getting into the hands of the people who need them most.



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