Running in the Shadows

Carbon Copy

The ork groaned as he sat up in bed, pushing the heavy covers off of himself. Sun streamed through the windows, and he fumbled on the nearby nightstand nearby for his glasses. He squinted at the bedside clock. 8:55. He mumbled to himself and staggered out of bed. In his many years he’d never been a morning person, and he didn’t feel like he was ever going to adjust to it now. While making his way to the bathroom, his commlink chirped, and the icon
showed a laughing coyote. With a grimace, he answered the call.

“Johnny,” the ork said flatly. “Lemme guess. You ain’t been to bed yet.”

“You know it!” the voice on the other end said trying to sound cheerful. “Was heading there soon, but wanted to touch base and see how things were going for you out there.”

“Things are fine. And hell, being a fixer is cake. I sit back, make a few phone calls, meet with a few uppity young runners too big for their britches, and let the money roll in. It sure beats the drek outta getting shot.”

“Or being hounded by a dragon,” Johnny replied. He was working hard to keep his voice calm. “Or being hunted by bug spirits. Or—”

“Ok, ok, enough. Yes. It’s much better. I already said that.” Irritation flooded his voice. “It’s early and I just woke up, chummer. What did you need?”

“I had a vision. Lots of blood and Mayan symbols.”

“You been smoking the peace … Hold up. I got another call, I should take it. Be right back.” Th e ork put Johnny on hold, and answered the other line. “Hoi Tosh, what’s up?” He listened to the voice on the other end for several minutes, then hung up angrily.

His blood pressure was rising, he stumbled back to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Bull?” Johnny’s voice came through the comm. “You there? I think we got cut off .”

“I’m here Johnny,” Bull replied, his voice with an angry edge. “That was a friend’s commlink. It … he …”

Bull’s voice cracked, and sweat trickled down his face.

“He’s back.” Th ere was a short pause. “Again!”


Your commlink alerts you to an urgent call from Gearbox, your fixer. As you struggle into consciousness, it also informs you of the following information: It is 3:12 a.m. local time and the nearest Stuff er Shack would like to off er you a special deal on a caramel guava triple-soykaf and breakfast burrito combo. But only for the next thirty minutes, so come on in and get stuffed!

Gearbox’s voice springs from your commlink. “I got a Johnson on satellite link, needs some help in the Barrens. Interested? Doesn’t sound like easy work, but it doesn’t pay like it either.”

Stormcrow Undone

It’s been several weeks since your last run. The creds from your last run are starting to run a little thin. So far, working for the CAS Director of Intelligence has been something of a mixed bag. The last score was huge – and some of the tech you’ve been exposed to was incredible. On the flip-side, however, your fixers haven’t called you in weeks – too scared to work with someone “working for the man” is all you can guess.

You were on the verge of taking matters into your own hands, when you receive a mysterious message:

(99-99-9999,00:00, FROM: )
01000100 01100101 01100101 01110000 00100000 01100100 01110010 01100101 01101011 00100000 01000011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101111 01101111 01101110 01100101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01010100 01101111 01101111 01100100 01101100 01100101 01110011

Deconstructing Patriots
CMP 2010, Episode 2

Some of the team receive a message containing a link to a group chat where the following message awaits them:

Posted 21:33:09/06–24-75 by Adonis, EvoCorpNET

Greetings chummers, this is Adonis, and today I’ve got good news for all of you. Whether I’ve worked with you in the past, heard your name from the right people with the right recommendations, or something else entirely, you’ve got what it takes to keep up with me in the field and bring in the nuyen we all want so bad. I’ve heard from a trusted source that there’s a good sized pay day waiting for us off in the east, particularly New York. Until I know that you’re in for sure, all I’m willing to say is that it’ll be an extraction, and there will be a 1k payment just to meet, if that will be an issue for you. If you’re interested, let me know here and we can discuss further details of the run. If not, your loss chummer.

Hopefully I’ll be seeing you all soon in the Big Apple,


A new mover and shaker on the team, Adonis, contacted a few members of the group with whom he was acquainted. He had run with a few of the group before and had heard of the exploits of a couple of others. Normally speaking, he would not cold-call a bunch of SINless out of the blue, but in this case he had a job that required a quick turn-around and he couldn’t be too picky. Besides, the Johnson was paying 1000 credits just to meet and there aren’t many lowlifes that will pass that and a free ticket to NYC down.

The biggest question was how to get their gear all the way across the country – fortunately, Adonis knew a smuggler named Vox who was always looking for work and, as it happens, was already in cahoots with a few of the players he’d contacted. Wrapped up in a nice little bow, that.

Vox and Warpath had a few harrying moments flying the Loose Goose across country, but in the end, they were able to make a good landing in the slums outside Terminal, NYC.

The group was hired to capture two bounties for a Trid-personality bounty hunter team named Grendel and Wulf. Slide and Ace were former revolutionaries involved in the Winternight coup attempt and the Matrix Crash 2.0 in 2064. Slide was now living under a false identity was a corporate muckety-muck at MDC in NYC. Grendel’s task was simple, extract Slide, alive, and bring him to DeeCee in one week. The meet went off without a hitch – although there was some rather fitful negotiations once the group found out they were getting peanuts compared to the bounty (and publicity) Grendel was going to receive. The group did end up doubling their pay to 15k each.

The run itself started with Vertigo and Warpath scouting out the 5-Star Apartment complex where the mark lived – right on Central Park. There were a few minor, but recoverable, issues regarding the ultra high-level of security around the park – namely Vertigo having a criminal SIN and Warpath being spotted by building security during his stake-out.

After observing the significant security at the building and in the park, the group decided to take the unorthodox (i.e. not outlined in the mission write-up) route and take the mark while he was driving from his apartment to work.

The ensuing road chase was pretty harrowing and Vox was on the verge of losing the mark but for the enemy rigger taking a bad turn and getting stuck in NYC commuter traffic. Adonis shot both the ork bodyguard and the comm array on the vehicle, severing the remote rigger’s connection to it. Warpath further disabled the vehicle by shooting out a tire and then, while standing on top of the mark’s car in mid-morning traffic, blazes into the engine block with his AK-97, earning him a spot on the local nightly news – the masked gunman was seen by millions of viewers across New York.

In the end, the group had a pre-planned egress route out of NYC and were able to get the mark to the Loose Goose for extraction to DeeCee. While Grendel wasn’t impressed by the overt nature of their take-down, he was surprised and satisfied with their ingenuity.

In addition to payment, he asked them to stick around DeeCee (all expenses paid) for a few days while he narrowed down the location of the second target involved in this sting, Ace.

Karma Award: 7
Money Award: 15,000n each

Hackmagick: +1 karma – going through the process of hacking the both the street security system, as well as the coffin hotel security system to both loop the video and erase all traces of your meet.

Vox: +1 karma – using the micro-drones to narrow down the search at the mark’s apartment complex

Adonis: +1 – coming up with and executing the plan to get inside the apartment complex by “hooking up with” some tenants.

Vertigo: +1 – for scouting out both the meet location and the apartment complex

Warpath: +1 – for the blaze of glory at the end, shooting out both the tire and the engine; completely stopping the target vehicle. That, plus…

Alternate Persona:
Warpath: gains a second, yet-to-be-named persona with a base 2 Street Cred in NYC, based upon all the video of him tearing into the limousine. In situations where he is wearing the same “disguise” he was wearing before, his street cred is 2.

Warpath’s alternate identity: +1 for the aforementioned blaze of glory.

Lost Island Found
CMP 2010 - Episode 1

Two days ago, your fixer set you up on an out-of-town job. It sounded simple, a bodyguard mission for some high-ranking salaryman. Your travel was arranged and they even managed to smuggle your gear in. It’s never that simple, though, and by the time your plane touched down at Sea-Tac Airport, your mark had already been taken out.

Without a job to do, you picked up your gear, grabbed a hotel and decided to see the sights; blowing the meager retainer you’d been given for making the trip. After all, you’re shadowrunners, this is Seattle—this town gave birth to the shadowrun. So for the last couple days, you’ve been on vacation. You’ve visited Underworld 93 and Club Penumbra, stopped to check out the ACHE, cruised by the Redmond Barrens (wearing full body armor and holding your guns firmly in hand), beat up a few Scathing Reptiles, and even visited the infamous Crime Mall.

You were out late last night after bribing the doorman to let you into the third level of Dante’s Inferno, and you had planned to sleep it off before heading back home today. However, it’s barely noon when your commlink buzzes. You flip it on and see the face of your friendly neighborhood fixer.

Turns out the fixer is hiring for the Atlantean Foundation who need a couple of runners for a low-key mission out to the mysterious new islands – but first, they had to convince one Professor McKay to tag along with them and share his expertise.

When the runners showed up to the University where the good prof was holed up, they discovered they were not the only ones searching for him. Another group, who was later discovered to be the Children of the Dragon, wanted to kill the professor and prevent any further investigation into the islands – which they believed to be a manifestation of Dunklezahn’s power from beyond the grave.

Fortunately, the team was up for the challenge – and, after a well placed grenade, they whisked the professor off to a hidey-hole for approximately 30 hours while they waited for the rest of the expedition to prepare.

Once they were ready to depart, the group boarded their “ride” – a severely beat-up doc wagon medivac helo that looked like it had just flown out of the Desert Wars. Turns out, it’s appearance was one of the better things it had going for it – and the team spent a harrowing 90 minutes “flying” to the island while the pilot, Vox, and the co-pilot, Warpath kept the thing in the air by what appeared to be sheer willpower.

Upon arrival to the mysterious island chain, the group was tasked with camp security and response – while a larger group of mercs, the Blackhearts, were tasked with accompanying the researchers around the island.

At one point, the group began seeing things out of the corners of their eyes or hearing strange sounds at night – all very haunting and unnerving, but nothing that appeared to be dangerous. At one point, Hackmagik swears he sees a building manifest in the distance, but then quickly disappear.

Near the end of the second day, the voices of one of the merc security teams erupted over comms, their blood-curdling screams indicative of the pain they were experiencing. As abruptly as it started, though, it was over.

The group wasted no time triangulating the signal and heading to their last known location. What they found was a bloody horror made manifest. The bodies of the two security mercs were torn asunder. Blood and body parts covered everything in the vicinity – many of the researchers who made it to the scene were overwhelmed by the gore and fled.

The group attempted to trace the steps of the creature or creatures responsible for this atrocity. It did not take them long to uncover the trail, which appeared to lead back to their camp.

Racing to intercept, Vertigo, the groups high caliber sneak, put herself directly into harms way to confront the creature. The being she found could only be described as a horror-trid-come-to-life. It’s enormous trunk was a mass of tumors and sores, while it’s limbs appear to be gray bone, with no flesh whatsoever. They ended in massive, blade-like claws that were no less than .5 meters in length. Most disconcerting were the glowing red beads that passed for the creatures eyes, floating in the hollow eye sockets off the creatures bare skull – a skull that appeared to be that of some sort of massive vulture or other carrion bird.

Vertigo kept the creature engaged for long enough for the rest of the group to arrive – when they did, they laid waste to the despicable creature, protecting the camp and avenging the deaths of the two mercs. That, however, was just the beginning of the fun for the day.

Upon arrival back to the camp, the group is accosted by Professor McKay who says they must leave the island immediately. Not one to be told twice, Vertigo and Warpath immediately begin to comply with the order – just as the island shifts under their feet. Not in an earthquake sort of way, but in a “the ground was just pulled sideways and then snapped back” sort of way.

This of course lights a fire under everyone concerned and the packing begins in earnest – however, the Children of the Dragon have a different plan in mind. They have arrived on the island and have come in force. They have landed two ospreys on the far side of the 1km wide island and are heading their direction.

Valiantly, the merc commander offers to stand her ground and hold off the oncoming attack. They head off into the wilderness to take up defensive positions. Just then, the island shifts again and this time, everyone on the island sees a completely different world around them. The island is inhabited, it has massive ziggurats and other large structures all around, the wild growth around them has been cut back and groomed. They are in another world.

Just as quickly however, the image fades and they are back on the desolate, overgrown rock, scrambling to leave. After a few, ok several problems getting the helo started, Vox and Warpath report “We are leaving!” and the entourage piles in. They hear from the mercs they are fully engaged with the Children and are unable to withdraw. The helicopter takes off just as the island flickers one last time. Within seconds, the island pops completely out of existence and does not return.

The group makes it back to the mainland with only a few problems. Most importantly, they are able to return Prof McKay and their Atlantean Foundation contact, “Gypsy” back with nary a scratch.

For keeping the professor alive and completely unharmed, you each earn +1 Street Cred.

Warpath, Vox, and Biggs earn +1 Notoriety on the streets for actions taken on campus. Specifically using a frag grenade in the basement, choking a brotha’ out with an air elemental and leaving him alive to get caught and tell the tale, and having a one-sided shootout in the parking lot on campus with an AK-97.

Vox also earns +1 Public Awareness for getting caught on security cameras outside the Paranormal Studies building, particularly for blazing away with drone armed with an AK-97 in the parking lot.

Vertigo – for the clever setup of the CS grenade +1 Karma.

Vox – for expertly navigating the mana storm with only 2 checks +1 Karma.

Warpath – despite the heavy handed nature of the attack, he still took down 2/3 of the team in one shot with the grenade. +1 Karma.

Hackmagik – for identifying the need to hack in and remove the building security camera feed (and avoiding +1 public awareness for the whole group), +1 Karma.

Biggs – for successfully executing the “mini-run” to the security deposit box and retrieving Prof McKay’s gear, +1 Karma. 


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