Elf Street Sam


Meet Warpath:

Born Justin Sandoval, an elf native of Tir Tairngire, he is the third son of two low level government employees working in the Transportation Department. Justin had a standard upbringing in Portland, attended public school and played non-lethal Urban brawl in High school. Upon graduation he join the Tir Military, recieved his augmentations with a 10yr service agreement and was trained as a Combat Medic.

In the end, seemed that military life was not as profitable as Warpath would have liked so when he was assigned the additional duty as equipment custodian for his unit he began to cook the books, a case of APDS ammo here, some pain killers there, until he was generating a good secondary income selling the stuff on the black market. Then one day a message came across his AR, “They are onto you!”, Warpath dropped what he was doing, grabbed what he could from the equipment locker and made it off base a step ahead of the Military Police. From there he got himself smuggled across border into Seattle to start life anew as Warpath, the Shadowrunner.




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