A parkour expert; extreme stealth


Ji Hye Kim
Runner Alias: VERTIGO
Ethnicity: Half Korean/Half Japanese

Orphaned at the age of 12, Vertigo learned from an early age to live and thrive on the streets of Seattle. Her father was killed in the purging of Koreans from the Japanese Yakuza in the late 2050’s. Her mother vanished shortly afterwards. With a four year old sister in her care, Vertigo turned to crime to survive. Seattle’s Street Runners, thieves and couriers who traversed the city through parkour and athleticism and vehicles, ended up being the catalyst for Vertigo’s abilities to grow. A small group calling themselves Flyer Miles took them in, and they became her new family. One of them helped Vertigo unlock her magical talents to their fullest capabilities. By the age of 17, she was clearing ten meter jumps off of rooftops with ease, and able to navigate the city with a stealthiness nearly unparalleled by any vehicle. She was able to infiltrate into high security compounds, steal whatever had value, and slip out with a (near) perfect success rate.

After serving a year in prison after a Johnson dime’d on her old group, Vertigo’s back on the streets looking for the next big score. Her sister is going through college, she lives in a shithole, had to get all her gear through the donation of a colleague, and has 80 nuyen to her name.

The bills are due soon. And Vertigo’s needs a payday…




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