Prior Sioux Defense Force SF Mage


Justin Wolffe was born in the cabbage patch district of Butte, the son of a Seattle expatriot and a local tribal council member. Ordinarily Awakening to magical abilities is a proud moment for a family, but less so when its Hermetic ability.

Justin was still able to enter the Sioux Defense Force for his manadatory service, however, and he showed great aptitude. He joined the Mage Corps and was then selected to be in direct support of a Wildcat team, 11 person war parties sent throughout North America. Justin became callsign: BIGHORN. After a mission in Tir Tairngire goes horribly wrong, Justin is the lone survivor. The team leader ordered PRAIRIE protocol, which required Justin to scorch all casualties, friendly and enemy, to prevent identification.
The memories still haunt him to this day. Justin is unclear about the means of his survival, but recalls a fall off a cliff into a swiftly flowing river. He aroused from unconsciousness to see an ancient tribal spirit before him- a mentor spirit named Tirawa.

Declared dead by the Sioux Nation, and guided by Tirawa north to Seattle, Justin shortened his callsign from Bighorn to Biggs. He borrowed funds from a Yakuza boss to get
on his feet. Not fitting the typical tribal profile, Biggs has developed a love of motorcycles which has helped him forget, or at least accept, some of the trauma he endured.
As a member of the Sioux Mage Corps, weapons training was not a priority but he was equipped with self defense skills.

Accepting jobs in the shadows, Biggs feels that there was a reason Tirawa called him to Seattle.




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