Running in the Shadows

Deconstructing Patriots

CMP 2010, Episode 2

Some of the team receive a message containing a link to a group chat where the following message awaits them:

Posted 21:33:09/06–24-75 by Adonis, EvoCorpNET

Greetings chummers, this is Adonis, and today I’ve got good news for all of you. Whether I’ve worked with you in the past, heard your name from the right people with the right recommendations, or something else entirely, you’ve got what it takes to keep up with me in the field and bring in the nuyen we all want so bad. I’ve heard from a trusted source that there’s a good sized pay day waiting for us off in the east, particularly New York. Until I know that you’re in for sure, all I’m willing to say is that it’ll be an extraction, and there will be a 1k payment just to meet, if that will be an issue for you. If you’re interested, let me know here and we can discuss further details of the run. If not, your loss chummer.

Hopefully I’ll be seeing you all soon in the Big Apple,


A new mover and shaker on the team, Adonis, contacted a few members of the group with whom he was acquainted. He had run with a few of the group before and had heard of the exploits of a couple of others. Normally speaking, he would not cold-call a bunch of SINless out of the blue, but in this case he had a job that required a quick turn-around and he couldn’t be too picky. Besides, the Johnson was paying 1000 credits just to meet and there aren’t many lowlifes that will pass that and a free ticket to NYC down.

The biggest question was how to get their gear all the way across the country – fortunately, Adonis knew a smuggler named Vox who was always looking for work and, as it happens, was already in cahoots with a few of the players he’d contacted. Wrapped up in a nice little bow, that.

Vox and Warpath had a few harrying moments flying the Loose Goose across country, but in the end, they were able to make a good landing in the slums outside Terminal, NYC.

The group was hired to capture two bounties for a Trid-personality bounty hunter team named Grendel and Wulf. Slide and Ace were former revolutionaries involved in the Winternight coup attempt and the Matrix Crash 2.0 in 2064. Slide was now living under a false identity was a corporate muckety-muck at MDC in NYC. Grendel’s task was simple, extract Slide, alive, and bring him to DeeCee in one week. The meet went off without a hitch – although there was some rather fitful negotiations once the group found out they were getting peanuts compared to the bounty (and publicity) Grendel was going to receive. The group did end up doubling their pay to 15k each.

The run itself started with Vertigo and Warpath scouting out the 5-Star Apartment complex where the mark lived – right on Central Park. There were a few minor, but recoverable, issues regarding the ultra high-level of security around the park – namely Vertigo having a criminal SIN and Warpath being spotted by building security during his stake-out.

After observing the significant security at the building and in the park, the group decided to take the unorthodox (i.e. not outlined in the mission write-up) route and take the mark while he was driving from his apartment to work.

The ensuing road chase was pretty harrowing and Vox was on the verge of losing the mark but for the enemy rigger taking a bad turn and getting stuck in NYC commuter traffic. Adonis shot both the ork bodyguard and the comm array on the vehicle, severing the remote rigger’s connection to it. Warpath further disabled the vehicle by shooting out a tire and then, while standing on top of the mark’s car in mid-morning traffic, blazes into the engine block with his AK-97, earning him a spot on the local nightly news – the masked gunman was seen by millions of viewers across New York.

In the end, the group had a pre-planned egress route out of NYC and were able to get the mark to the Loose Goose for extraction to DeeCee. While Grendel wasn’t impressed by the overt nature of their take-down, he was surprised and satisfied with their ingenuity.

In addition to payment, he asked them to stick around DeeCee (all expenses paid) for a few days while he narrowed down the location of the second target involved in this sting, Ace.

Karma Award: 7
Money Award: 15,000n each

Hackmagick: +1 karma – going through the process of hacking the both the street security system, as well as the coffin hotel security system to both loop the video and erase all traces of your meet.

Vox: +1 karma – using the micro-drones to narrow down the search at the mark’s apartment complex

Adonis: +1 – coming up with and executing the plan to get inside the apartment complex by “hooking up with” some tenants.

Vertigo: +1 – for scouting out both the meet location and the apartment complex

Warpath: +1 – for the blaze of glory at the end, shooting out both the tire and the engine; completely stopping the target vehicle. That, plus…

Alternate Persona:
Warpath: gains a second, yet-to-be-named persona with a base 2 Street Cred in NYC, based upon all the video of him tearing into the limousine. In situations where he is wearing the same “disguise” he was wearing before, his street cred is 2.

Warpath’s alternate identity: +1 for the aforementioned blaze of glory.


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