Welcome to Running in the Shadows!

RitS is a series of single-shot missions designed to be completed in 4-5 hours. Each mission consists of four parts: the deal, the leg-work, the run, and the reward.

The Deal – Much of “The Deal” can and is worked out ahead of time via email or on the message boards. The runners are contacted by their fixer (a guy who gets paid to find work for runners) as a group or individually and given an opportunity to do some less-than-legal activities in the shadows of the megacorporations of the world. Generally speaking, the group will meet someone associated with the job called, generically, Mr or Mrs Johnson. They’ll lay down the requirements and offer up the creds for the runners to do their deeds.

The Leg-Work – researching your task and the targets involved is probably just as important (if not more so) than doing the work itself. Running down contacts, shaking down some punks on the street for information, and generally doing a diligent job of searching for information before the drek hits the fan is all referred to as “leg-work”.

The Run – shadowrunners wouldn’t get much accomplished if they weren’t willing to get their hands dirty doing the job. “The Run” is where the rubber meets the road, where the shadowrunners take their skills onto the street in an attempt to accomplish the task(s) set forth by the fixer and Mr(s) Johnson.

The Reward – Finally, assuming the runners are successful, they are generally very eager to get paid. “The Reward” consists of not just money, but also contacts, street cred, and most importantly, experience (in the form of Karma). All of these things help the characters develop and improve over time, making it possible for them to complete increasingly more complex runs in the future.

Running in the Shadows

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